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Monday, September 25th

Cash Management Services

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Manage Your Business’s Cash More Efficiently

We’re here to help you get your banking done faster and more accurately so you can focus on your business. Northwest Bank’s Cash Management services are designed to improve efficiency and allow you to focus on your day-to-day tasks.

Online Banking

View your business’s account balances, make fast transfers between accounts and view check images. ACH capabilities allow you to initiate payments for payables, payroll deposits, vendor and tax payments.

Investment Sweep Account

This automatic sweep product moves idle balances from your checking into an investment account. These daily sweeps of unused funds will maximize your investment return.

Digital Deposit

Easily make deposits electronically from your office. Same day credit is applied in most cases.

Lockbox Services

Our lockbox service allows your company to have incoming payments collected at a secure post office box to be processed by Northwest Bank. Reports and remittance information can be customized to your specifications.

Zero Balance Accounts

Maintain better control over your disbursements with a zero balance account that will automatically transfer funds from your operating account to cover checks and other debits.

Wire Transfers

Make quick, secure transfers from your Northwest Bank account to any account at another financial institution. Transfers can be initiated utilizing online banking for same-day payments in most cases.

Improve Your Business’s Cash Management

Northwest Bank is ready to help you manage your business’s cash more efficiently. Contact us to find out how we can help you with our cash management services.